About Us

About the Journey

‘sing to me’® music began as one simple song to encourage a reluctant four month old to swallow rice cereal. When it worked, I decided to try more songs to narrate everyday happenings in the life of my children. The songs, unlike nursery rhymes and other children’s music, were about daily things children actually did – or I wished they would do!

When a child care worker over heard me singing some of the songs and asked for a copy to use with other children, the idea of producing a CD took shape. The first ‘sing to me’® CD was released in 2005. There are now over 100 ‘sing to me’® songs, and many more in my head. The songs have proved to be a real hit with parents, carers, children and professionals supporting children with unique learning needs.

In 2009, Forster based occupational therapist, Debbie Hopper of Life Skills 4 Kids, discovered ‘sing to me’® music was a terrific support for children with sensory processing challenges.  Exploring this further, Debbie and I teamed up with internationally renowned occupational therapist Diana Henry to produce the first ‘sing to me’® CD supporting children with sensory processing disorders: ’sensory songs for tots’.

Check the songs section to see the sensory songs and other topics covered. If there is a topic missing that you would like a song about, email me and let’s see what we can do: info@singtome.com.au

About The Writer

I am a mother and a manager, and married to Mark. Mark and I have three fantastic children: Sam, Will and Alice. I wrote my first song aged three, titled ‘The Black Grass of Home’ for my grandmother. I have been inflicting performances on friends and relatives ever since. The ‘sing to me’® songs have been (and continue to be) inspired by my daily parenting experiences. The recording and releasing of the CDs was squeezed in around the birth of my children and my corporate ‘day job’.

About Singing to Children with this Music

This music is different to most children’s music. While it is great to sing and dance to or listen to in the car, it works best when an adult SINGS these songs to a child, whilst performing the activity the song is about. That’s why the music is called ‘sing to me’. Sung to children, these songs can be much more than dance music or straight entertainment, they can be a practical (if hilarious) help to everyday caring.

Use the ‘sing to me’® songs to suit your every day activities, insert the child’s name, add a new verse relevant to what you are doing, use lots of silly voices, clap along, dance and generally ham it up. Well that’s what works for me anyway!

Tonnes of tips on how to get the best out of each song, plus musical scores are included in the workbooks. And if you want to know more, visit ‘products’ page of this web site or contact me about running a workshop for you.