Different Activities

Just about every sing to me song focuses on daily activities of young children.  Search for a song to sing with your daily interaction – and if your most needed topic is not here, email me and I will write a song for you!  More detailed descriptions of each song are included in the store.


  • ever so wriggly (good for squirming babies)
  • here’s my nose (good for learning parts of the body)
  • these are my hands (good for babies fascinated with their hands)
  • two feet (good for babies fascinated with their feet)

Basic Hygeine

  • chippy choppy (good for cutting finger nails)
  • the drying song (good for drying after a bath)
  • it’s great to be mucky (MP3 Only) (good for a laugh about being dirty)
  • I’ve got your tooth brush (good for cleaning teeth)
  • nose dirt (good for needing to wipe a nose)
  • put your hand over your mouth (good for coughing and sneezing hygiene)
  • rubba scrubba (good for bath time and hair washing)
  • sun cream doesn’t hurt (good for applying sun screen)
  • swirly whirly (good for cleaning teeth in a circular motion)
  • toothpaste (good for learning to spit out toothpaste)


  • the drying song (good for drying after a bath)
  • three dirty dogs (good for counting fun at bath time)
  • the water’s going in my bath (good for getting into and out of a bath)

Breast / bottle feeding

  • booby booby (good for breast feeding)
  • you shake milk once (good for preparing formula)

Chores / helping out

  • domestic bliss (good for accompanying chores)
  • pack away for another day (good for tidying toys)


  • the counting caper song (good for counting to ten)
  • three dirty dogs (good for counting to three)

Crying / tantrums

  • what’s wrong baby (good for soothing a crying baby)
  • little mr grumbles (good for a laugh about tantrums)


  • ever so wriggly (good for wriggling and squirming)
  • I’m a dancin’ man (good for easy dance instructions)
  • the singing and dancing song (good for a full on crazy dance)


  • cover up your toes (good for putting on shoes)
  • a grey old day (good for dressing appropriately for the weather)
  • off with your pants (good for undressing for a bath)
  • one shoe off (good for getting dressed / undressed)


  • pop the dummy (good for obsessions with removing dummies with a pop)
  • you don’t need a dummy (good for encouraging no dummies while talking)
  • yum yum dum dum (good to distract while you are desperately trying to find the dummy)


  • chew your food (good for encouraging chewing)
  • the dribbling song (good for the teething phase and explaining all the dribble)
  • food goes in my mouth (good for teaching an infant to eat solids)
  • put the spoon in your mouth (good for teaching an infant to eat solids)
  • you sit at the table (good for encouraging children to stay at the table while eating)
  • yummy yummy (good for enthusing a child about food)


  • dry pants (good for distracting while changing a nappy)
  • the poo song (good for distracting while changing a nappy)
  • poos go squirt (good for encouraging clean pants)
  • say goodbye nappies (good for toilet training)
  • you can’t change a nappy on a wiggly worm (good for distracting while changing a nappy)


  • broom them (good for playing with vehicles)
  • come inside (good for gently ending play)
  • don’t sting me bee (MP3 Only) (good for understanding dangerous Aussie animals and having a great dance)
  • I like balloons (good for coping with popping balloons)
  • jumping like a kangaroo (good for enjoying a jump)
  • red boat, blue boat (good for bath play)
  • rockin’ on my rockin’ horse (good for kids who like to play fast and hard, and then slowing them down)
  • scary things (good for a laugh about scary animals)

Seasons / weather

  • a grey old day (good for dressing appropriately for the weather)
  • let’s sing about the seasons (good for learning the seasons)
  • a little bit left of the moon (good for honouring the moon)
  • the weather whinge (good for learning why we need different types of weather)

Self Esteem/Relating Well

  • everybody gets things wrong (good for learning that it’s OK to make mistakes)
  • great just as I am (MP3 Only) (good for learning that we are worthy because of who we are not what we do)
  • I am not little (good for little ones wanting to grow up)
  • I’m only little (good to teach siblings to be careful with new babies)
  • the listening song (good to get attention)
  • the sharing song (good to teach the value of taking turns)
  • the sitting song (good to celebrate motor milestones)
  • smart at something else (MP3 Only)(good for learning that there are many different intelligences to possess)
  • the winning song (good to learning about winning and losing gracefully)

Sleeping and waking

  • the centre of the universe (good for laugh about babies wanting attention)
  • close your eyes (good for a lullaby)
  • come inside (good for gently ending play and encouraging sleep)
  • I hear the voice (good for greeting a waking child and soothing their cries)
  • I’m not tired (good for those convinced they are not sleepy)
  • open the curtains (good for joyfully greeting the day)


  • dry pants (good for celebrating maintaining dry pants)
  • get your wee in the water (good for improving aim)
  • say goodbye nappies (good for toilet training)

Travelling  / waiting

  • bye bye (good for leaving)
  • if it was safe (good to explain traffic safety musts)
  • I’m in my car seat (good for entertaining children in their car seat)
  • the waiting song (good for patience generally)
  • we’re almost home (good for patience on the way home)

Walking / prams

  • I’m in my car seat (it’s about prams too)(good for entertaining children in car seats or prams)
  • I love holding hands with you (good for encouraging / enjoying holding hands with a child)
  • jelly and goo (good for children who suddenly decide they can no longer move by themselves)
  • on my own two legs (good for learning to walk)
  • rolling along (good for entertainment while strolling the pram)
  • up up up (good for entertainment while strolling the pram)
  • watch me wobble (good for learning to stand)

Other common kid things

  • pronoun romp (good for learning pronouns)
  • the silk worm song (good for learning about silk worms)
  • we’re having a swim (good for enjoying swimming)