All Sensory Songs

List of songs in ’sensory songs for tots’

  1. jumping like a kangaroo (for Sluggish Tots)
  2. let’s go muscles (for Sluggish tots)
  3. I’m a dancing man (for Cautious Tots)
  4. holding hands (for Touchy Tots)
  5. sounds surround us (for Sensitive Ears)
  6. here’s my ears (for Fumbling Tots)
  7. here’s my nose (for any typical tot)
  8. everybody gets things wrong (for Fumbling Tots)
  9. my heels down flat (for Tippy Toe Tots)
  10. sing and dance (for Busy Bees)
  11. when you’re ready (for Spirited Tots)
  12. the sharing song (for Social Savvy)
  13. pack away for another day (for Challenging Changes)
  14. making food for you (for Picky Eaters)
  15. chippy choppy (for Nail Nippers)
  16. rubba scrubba bath time (for Tubby Time)
  17. got your toothbrush (for Toothbrush Tamers)
  18. toothpaste (for Toothbrush Tamers)
  19. one shoe off (for Dressing Delights)
  20. my hair is smooth and shiny (for Hair Care)
  21. say goodbye nappies (for Potty Pleasers)
  22. say goodbye diapers (for Potty Pleasers, USA)
  23. get your wee in the water (for Potty Pleasers)
  24. get your pee in the potty (for Potty Pleasers, USA)
  25. I’m not tired (for Beddy Bye Bliss)
  26. go to sleep (for Beddy Bye Bliss)
  27. push them  (for any sensory challenge)