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  • ‘sing to me’®  toddlers
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  • ‘sing to me’®  infants and toddlers
  • sensory songs for tots



About this music

All ‘sing to me’® songs are:

  • about every day things children do (or you wish they would do) – bathing, eating, nappies etc
  • original songs sung in an Australian accent
  • slightly irreverent and often funny
  • short, catchy and easy to learn (assessed based on actual responses of children)

What they are not:

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Dance music (though children do like to dance to it)
  • Sweet and gentle lullabies (well there is one lullaby that snuck in there)

Instead it is a collection of practical, but slightly mad songs about things at the centre of little children’s lives, poo, food, shoes and socks, prams, nappies, baths, mistakes…..

Why that’s good:

Nearly all children love two things, songs and the people big enough to sing them to them. These songs are written to help you interact with children. They work best when you sing them, even if you can’t sing to save yourself. And because the songs are about things you do all the time with children, you get plenty of chances to sing them. Plus they may actually know what you are talking about and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

Singing to children can help them:

  • remember things
  • relax
  • bond with you
  • develop language and neural skills
  • and have fun

Children remember song lyrics so you may as well kill two birds with one stone and sing songs that will help teach them things you would like them to remember. For example, I used one of these songs to teach my son the steps in going to the toilet. Others I have used to remind myself to dry all the hard to reach places on a baby that if you forget go a bit skanky.

As long as the songs are short enough and fun enough for you and your child to remember, there are endless possibilities for music to be the parent’s or carer’s friend!

What people say about the music:

Here is what early childhood experts and parents say about this music (sources verifiable – I didn’t make this up!)

  • It’s fun, listenable and great sing along material (David ACT)
  • The tunes are really catchy (Amanda ACT)
  • Nice and bright (Ange ACT)
  • Our four year olds were all dancing (David ACT)
  • My daughter has a genetic speech impediment. Sing to me songs are the only ones I have ever heard her able to sing. It is just wonderful. Every day words in an everyday context; listening to it is therapy for her and she doesn’t even know it. (Dianne NSW)
  • My children love this music. They were singing the songs after listening to them only twice. They won’t let me turn it off! (Kris NSW)
  • My husband and I actually love this CD! (Jaqueline, NSW)
  • I really liked the song ‘You can’t change a nappy on a wiggly worm’. It would be great to sing to babies while you changed them. It’s lots of fun. (Amy ACT)
  • ‘Pop the Dummy’ is my favourite. I can really relate to this song as this is where my 11 month old baby is now. (Ange)
  • ‘Sun cream doesn’t hurt’ is a great little song and has quite a different sort of sound. I think it is quite catchy and I can imagine singing it to a group of children while I was getting them ready to go outside. (Amanda ACT).
  • My kids want to listen to this CD every time they get into the car (Sue NSW)
  • I have been playing this to my grandchildren and they have been bopping all around the room, they love the lyrics and the slightly naughty words. (Di NSW)
  • We love your music (Kerry NSW)

The CDs and MP3s

All sing to me songs can be purchased individually as MP3s.  Collections of sing to me songs and sensory songs can be purchased on five different CDs arranged for different age groups / children:

  • ’sing to me® – infants’,
  • ’sing to me® – toddlers’
  • ’sing to me® – preschoolers’
  • ’sing to me® – infants and toddlers’ which is a double CD containing an abridged version of the infant and toddler CDs
  • ’sensory songs for tots’.

All CDs contain lyrics and brief tips for when to use each song, including ’sensory songs for tots’.

The Workbook

The ‘sing to me’® – Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers workbooks are three eighty page manuals including the musical scores and guitar chords for all songs on the CDs, plus tips on ideal situations to sing them and accompanying hand movements / adaptations etc. Ideal for early child hood teachers, carers, musicians and people who want to get the most out of every note!

The Workshop

The Seven Secrets of Great Songs for Children is a workshop for parents and carers showing how singing can make caring for children easier. Add a new tool to your caring kit.

Learn in an interactive and fun way:

  • seven secrets of great songs for children
  • how singing to children can make caring easier
  • how and when to sing the hilarious and helpful songs on the ‘sing to me’® collection

About the presenter: Ann Austin

Ann Austin combines three jobs: mother, corporate manager and singer song writer of children’s music. Ann has written and published over 80 songs to sing to 0-6yr olds based on their everyday experiences in the ’sing to me’ collection. She has more than 20 years experience in training, facilitating and public speaking in schools and the business community sectors in Australia and over seas. She has been publicly performing as a singer since the age of ten.

To find out more or book a workshop, contact Ann Austin at

What people say about the workshop:

Here is what workshop participants say:

  • great fun and exciting workshop
  • great songs, very enthusiastic presenter and interactive
  • entertaining, great participation, enjoyable and great ideas
  • fantastic, great for learning and teaching both carers and children