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Individual ‘sing to me’® tracks can be purchased for AU$2 each.

Single CDs can purchased for:

  • one ‘sing to me’® CD AU$18 plus postage and handling
  • all three ‘sing to me’® CDs AU$45 plus postage and handling
  • ’sensory songs for tots’ AU$25 plus postage and handling

The double CD, ’sing to me – infants and toddlers’ can be purchased for AU$25 plus postage and handling. Please note this includes an abridged version of ’sing to me – infants’ and ’sing to me – toddlers’.

Workbooks can purchased for AU$15 plus postage and handling.

10% DISCOUNT for full set of 3 CDs and 3 workbooks! Purchase all three CDs and workbooks for AU$80 plus postage and handling.

To purchase CDs and/or workbooks online click here.

If you would like to retail ’sing to me’® in your store please email me below.

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To book the Seven Secrets of Great Songs for Children Workshop contact Ann Austin by email at